Malaysia Set To Become One Single Union Mission of the SDA Church

From Left: Eld. Lesaya L Sorudim (Excom Member), Pr. Jibil Simbah, (Mission Executive Secretary), Pr. Nelson G Bendah (Sabah Mission President), Pr. Samuel Saw (Division President), Eld. Patrick Choo (Excom Member), Pr. Somchai Chuenjit (Union President), and  Pn Jo-Anna Henly-Rampas, (Sabah CM Political Secretary).

TAMPARULI (28 March 2019): The Seventh-day Adventist Mission of Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular is set to become one single Union Mission of the SDA Church in two years’ time when the current quinquennial term ends in 2020. This was revealed by the  President of the Southern Asia Pacific Division of the SDA Church, Pastor Samuel Saw. He said this when delivering his speech during the Opening Ceremony and Dedication of the new Sabah SDA Mission headquarters building in Tamparuli today.

“Sabah together with the Sarawak and Peninsular Mission will be integrated to become one union mission is two years’ time. This have been the objective of the Adventist members in Malaysia as the three missions are the largest mission in the South-east Asian Union Mission.” Saw said. In his speech, he also expressed his desire to see the new majestically, beautifully and strategically located building as not just to impress, but also to influence and to impact the lives of people not just to live religious life but to become good citizen of the country.

The Majestically located new SDA Sabah Mission HQ Building overlooking the fame Tamparuli Bridge.

Sources close to the Sabah SDA Mission leadership revealed that the Sabah SDA Mission itself which has over 36,000 thousands baptized  is set to be split into two separate mission. It is understood the North-east Coast comprising Kudat, Kota Marudu, Pitas and the other districts in the eastern side of Sabah will become one mission field while the rest of the West-Coast South as the other Mission field. However, details of the split was not made available.

Present during the function (right pix) were President of the SDA South-east Asia Union Mission (SAUM)  Pastor Somchai Chuenjit, Officers of the Sabah SDA Mission Pastor Nelson G Bendah, President; Pastor Jibil Simbah, Execuive Secretary and Elder Lim See Him, Treasurer,  Departmental Directors of SAUM and Sabah Mission  as well as the Executive Committee members of the Sabah SDA Mission.

From Left: Samuel Saw, Somchat Chuenjit. Nelson Bendah, Jo-Anna Henly-Rampas and Lesaya L. Sorudim

Y.Bhg Puan Jo-Anna Henly-Rampas, the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister and Minister of Finance Sabah was also present to grace the occasion.

For the record, the Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD) of the SDA Church comprising nine Union Missions  includes the southeast Asian countries of Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam, as well as Pakistan. The region has a population of more than 950 million. Pastor Samuel Saw and Pastor Somchai Chuenjitare both from Thailand.

Note: Lesaya Lopog Sorudim is a member of the Sabah SDA Mission Executive Committee serving since 2007 .


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