Call to Action to Malaysia Minister of Foreign Affairs on Killings of Protestors by Myanmar’s Military Junta

I urge YB Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Malaysian government to act with immediate effect demanding for the suspension of Myanmar as a member of ASEAN.

On March 5th, I was one of the 56 Malaysian Member of Parliaments and 3 Senators who came together to issue a joint statement urging ASEAN member governments to suspend Myanmar’s membership until and unless the Military junta stops killing protesters. And today I wish to reiterate that stand in the light of the latest brutal killings by the Junta.

There has been a total silence on the part of our Minister of Forgein Affairs to our joint statement. We Members of Parliament will continue to pursue the stand in that joint statement until those concerned acts on it.

In the light of the latest situation in Myanmar the call to Dato’ Seri Hishamudin as our Minister of Foreign Affairs to respond and act is getting louder by the day especially when the chief of Defence from 10 countries have issued a joint statement condemning the state sponsored violence in Myanmar.

On last Saturday(March 27) at least 114 people including childrenkilled by Myanmar’s Military Junta. The total casualties of protesters killed by the Military raising to over 400, is shocking and disturbing to the extreme.

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