“I join members of UPKO in rejoicing the launching of its new initiatives. I retired as President of the party in a move described by many as premature as they argued that I had more years to offer to the party. The resignation was of course well timed to ensure transition of leadership to a younger breed of leaders who could carry the party to greater heights.

It was my privilege to take part in the initial discussion to reform, recalibrate , rejuvenate the party. Much has happened since my retirement from active politics. For the first time the government at federal level was changed albeit for a short while. But the process of change has commenced. Malaysia is going through a readjustment in its political life. Yes there is turmoil! But change that has started does not end there. The genie has left the bottle! There is no return.

UPKO’s restatement of political commitments has come at no better time. Members of UPKO are in the ‘arena’ and must be prepared to dirty their hands in the nation’s toils for the well-being and happiness of every citizen under the Malaysian Sun.

Today is the opportune moment for us to say ‘We stand by all Men and Women of good will in striving for a Malaysia for Malaysians, secure in the knowledge that they are all equal under the Malaysian Sun and that races are mentioned in alphabetical order and not by any other order’.

Rejoice in your Rebirth!”

TAN SRI BERNARD DOMPOK, Honorary President of UPKO