UPKO formally join Pakatan Harapan as a component Party

As Malaysia’s democratization enters uncharted water, her citizens crave for both political stability and meaningful choices. UPKO applauds Pakatan Harapan’s big tent approach to build not only a solid block that can provide a core for the next government but also a coherent and feasible Governance programme for Malaysia’s post-Covid resurgence. UPKO joins PH to ensure that our aspiration of a decentralised, progressive and multicultural federation gets realised.

UPKO has rebranded itself in 2019 to uphold and promote multi-ethnic politics as a progressive party. Our party’s struggle is to serve the people, irrespective of race, religion and ethnicity. This is the same struggle we find in Pakatan Harapan’s endeavours.

It is important for UPKO to find the right partner that uphold the same spirit in serving the best interests of all Malaysians. UPKO believes that PH is the coalition of parties that align with this aspiration. As a component party of PH, UPKO is assured as an equal partner and we will be bringing ideas of reform from the perspective of the Borneons.

Decision making in important areas is often centralised. Many times we have seen policies that do not fit our demography. For UPKO to change the status-quo, our voices and ideas must be heard, and it would be more effectively fought on a national platform with a coalition of national parties. Therefore, strong partnership at Federal level is highly needed.

Pakatan Harapan is a coalition of progressive parties that respect, understand, and share the same aspiration of our continuous fight for the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63). It is the right partner for UPKO to forge partnership in our struggle to achieve full realisation of MA63.

It is timely for UPKO to formally join Pakatan Harapan as a component party and to actively support the dynamic of strengthening the opposition bloc in its struggle to achieve a progressive Malaysia.

Nelson W Angang
Secretary General of UPKO

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