Gajah Pygmy yang mati ditembak dalam laporan BS yang memetik Bernama dua hari lalu

TAWAU:  A Felda leader has urged members of the public not to speculate about the arrest of one of its settlers in the case of the killing of a Borneo pygmy elephant with illegal firearms at Sungai Udin in Dumpas, Kalabakan.

Felda Sahabat head settler General Linjal urged for calm and for the public to let the authorities carry out their investigations before jumping to conclusions.

“Let the police do their work, I cannot comment at this moment except to advise all Felda settlers not to break the law or get involved in activities that would damage Felda’s reputation,” he said.

“It is pointless to speculate. I hope that everyone can keep their cool and let the law take its course,” he said.

He was speaking to local reporters who asked him to comment on the recent arrest of six suspects, including a Felda settler, who are accused of killing the elephant by shooting it over 70 times at close range, with what is believed to be a licensed pump gun and a homemade shotgun.

At least five of the suspects were arrested on Felda land.

Tawau district police assistant commissioner Peter Umbuas said that the six suspects, aged between 48 and 68, were caught after a public tip-off on October 2.

They recovered the sawn-off elephant tusks after the arrest of the sixth suspect also on Felda Umas cooperative’s farm. (MALAY MAIL)

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